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PV900 Cell Phone Camera DVR Recorder

PV900 Cell Phone Camera DVR Recorder
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Model: PV900-LM
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PV900 Cell Phone Camera DVR Recorder

Introducing the PV900 Cell Phone Camera DVR Recorder System- The PV900 EVO DVR is a law enforcement grade CMOS Camera & HD Digital Video Recorder built into a mobile phone that has motion activation and time and date stamping.  This DVR also has a unique frame counter which burns an image into each and every frame like pages on a notebook making the digital files tamper proof and completely admissible in a court of law.

Extremely user friendly and discrete, this covert camera & DVR system records Full High Definition Video and can also capture HD quality Audio at the touch of a button.

The high grade, high definition low light hidden CMOS camera is built into the top of the line mobile phone. Press a secret function key once you turn the covert video system on for recording and the screen of the phone looks like a normal mobile phone.

No-one but you knows that it is recording video. Once the covert video operation footage is obtained, simply walk away with your phone. Press another secret function key and the high resolution video with time and date stamping can then be reviewed with the high resolution LCD screen.

The PV Series of covert Cell Phone Camera DVR Recorders are the industry leaders in covert High Definition video recorder systems and are widely used by private detectives, investigators, enforcement officers, security agents, customs officers, police and top level law enforcement agencies around the world!

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PV900 Cell Phone Camera DVR Recorder
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